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 Business- Partners

KANsolv is the market leader in IOT solutions and mobile app development. We all agree to the fact that mobile phones have become a part of our regular life.

But we are proud to say we are spread wide across the globe through trusted relationships with those who represent our services and competencies, and whom we dearly call our family members - our ‘Business partners’. Today, our business partners’ network is extended to the NewZealand, Australia, USA and steadily reaching towards many other unrepresented countries as well

A partnership in business is for a mutually beneficial win-win engagement where both sides complement each other’s individual strengths. We offer a large portfolio of services and bank of resources for a partner to access while our partner gives us access to local business opportunities. Another possible relationship is a business partnership through Joint venture and Equity participation.

We work with our business partners on a basis of trust, integrity and with a clear idea of mutual expectations. We invest heavily in creating and sustaining relationships and in ensuring that we deliver the same outstanding results time after time.